Welcome at Göttingen Baptist Church!

Welcome to the homepage of the Baptist church in Göttingen.

About us:

We are a colourful bunch of normal people, of different ages and from different cultures. We love God, people and life. Together we encourage each other and are challenged to live our faith each day and to pass on God's love. It is our dream to experience a piece of heaven on earth in Göttingen.

We offer a simultaneous translation via the LiveVoice App. Please bring headphones, your mobile and load down the LiveVoice App. The login code is 035957.

Children are welcome, we offer a separate children's program. Weather permitting, all children from 3-13 meet outside in the courtyard. Afterwards the 3-7 year olds separate "Die kleinen Entdecker" and the 7- 13 year olds  are "Die großen Abenteurer".

For the under threes, there is a room for toddlers and parents with a video link and the translation can be heard using the LiveVoic App.

After the service, we have the opportunity to converse over a cup of tea or coffee, either seated in the church or outside in the courtyard.